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The Dantastic Mr Tox & Howard

Sep 17, 2017

Join Howard & Dan as they welcome Dr. Bryan Judge to discuss the problems with the sex organs of the world’s largest organism. Also, Bryan shares his very special recipe for “sun tea”. 

Thanks to @shelovj, Julia Helene of @prettysimpleduo. Comments, questions, suggestions, mushroom...

Aug 11, 2017

Join Dan (@drusyniak) & Howard (@heshiegreshie) as they take a dive into the world of political poisoning with Dr. Chris Holstege (@ChrisHolstege) and learn why the cure for that acne may be more chips (or not).

Thanks as always to @shelovj and @prettysimpleduo. Comments & suggestions - @dantastictox

Jul 13, 2017

Join Dan and Howard as they cross paths with snake & scorpion enthusiast, Dr. Michelle Ruha (@MichelleRuha) and discuss our venomous friends, favorite encounters and herpetologic love. 

Thanks to Josh Shelov (@shelovj) and our house band, Pretty Simple (@prettysimpleduo).

Jun 10, 2017

Join our intrepid friends as they launch their new endeavor with the help of Dr. David Juurlink (@DavidJuurlink) and discuss the ongoing opioid epidemic.

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